5 reasons to travel alone

“I want to see the world!” This euphoric set’m sure you have often heard from friends and acquaintances.Maybe you tell yourself again and again even this sentence. Yet often lack the will to implement. Many people talk about the things to pack and the chance to travel around the globe – and then did not make it. Expected only on whether someone can ask yourself and the journey takes up together, can be a never ending story. So now I would like to encourage all who have not dared so far to travel on your own, you pack your things and explore the world! To travel alone is not so bad. I tried this out myself when I traveled to Utah and tried to find things to do in Zion among the towering red monoliths, so I can attest that traveling alone has it’s rewards.

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We promise! On the contrary, do not miss one of the best experiences in your life and let yourself be convinced of these 5 reasons:

Reason # 1: Absolute freedom enjoy
detachment from family, friends, job and commitments you can experience the freedom in its purest form. It’s just you, your desires and expectations. You are your own boss and decide now what is right and what is wrong. Soak up every day, every hour, every minute of your trip. During this time you are free and you can fully indulge in the moment.

Reason # 2: Discover you new
addition to blisters and countless memories, you’ll see a new “I” also to bring home. Alone on tour you will discover new sides of you. If you put some time on yourself to grow beyond its borders. You will certainly come back a lot more mature and wiser after your solo journey. And you will get to know even better now than before.

Reason # 3: New Crops know
if you traveling as a couple or in a group, you tend to mostly among themselves to stay to themselves. Are you traveling on your own, you have no choice but to mingle with the people. This is the perfect opportunity to experience foreign cultures.You can exchange ideas with local people and learn about the life in the country better.

Reason # 4: Adopt a clear view
As you compete the journey alone, no one can tarnish or manipulate your experiences / experience. Everything that you are experiencing now is, pure and accessible only to you. No conversations with fellow travelers can affect your emotions and perspectives. At the end of the day you save the experience for you and keep them from your personal, untroubled mind.

Reason # 5: Overcoming Fears
Sometimes it is good and helpful, to jump into the cold water. If being alone, lack of coordination and poor knowledge of the card reading to your previous fears are, it is time to suspend this offensive. Are you even on the plane / train and miles worth of your actual home away, you have no choice but to lay this fear. And you’ll feel even more freedom now than already mentioned in # 1: free from fear is life that is much, much better!

Photo Credit: Stephane Paquet