Best Tips On A Long Trip

Choose well your seat

When choosing your seat you have to consider 2 things. Within a row the best seats are the aisle and window. The aisle seat allows you to stretch your legs and to come and go whenever you want without disturbing other passengers. The other star is the window seat to rest your head to sleep or watch the scenery. But most important of all, from my point of view is, not use the seats near the toilets over 10h hour flight or more, the toilets are the busiest site of the plane. It’s where you open and close the door every 2 for 3 and is home to people talk about get to sleep and I’m sure someone will wake you. These are some tips we came up with when traveling to St George to stay in an RV park.


Comfortable clothes for air travel

Long-weekend road-trip advice


This is one of the tips that I find most important when flying. Don’t use tight clothes and jeans that squeeze. I usually wear leggings or long pants sport is more like pajama bottoms. If you wear very tight jeans you may be swollen legs and feel you need to take that pants now!

Very important is to wear a jacket comfortable, the air conditioning on planes usually very strong and can sleep or wake up cold catch cold (I’ll say a whopping), I usually wear a scarf for the neck. Anyway in most long trips is usually a small blanket per passenger.


If you do not like to stay barefoot / a (neither is good) it is best to bring in your carry-on flip-flops and a pair of socks. So you can take off your shoes, you’ll be more comfortable and you can go to the toilet without having to put your shoes. The socks come in handy if you are someone who left you cold feet.

If you need to travel clothing, a very comfortable and safe to shop online is the popular clothing website Zalando, because if we check our tickets online to save money, why not buy everything you need online, whether clothing, accessories, cameras or backpacks?




The issue of food is important, I have traveled to Asia and the menu was much focused plane Asian food. The truth is that I have no trouble eating but there were people who did not like the taste of many species. On the other hand the amounts are not very big. I advise to always carry in your bag some cookies or something to eat. It will come in handy if you are hungry or want to kill time eating.




It is very important to hydrate well and drink water from time to time. The air conditioning and pressure changes can leave us stunned. Normally if you walk towards the end of the plane or at the beginning are the hostesses will offer you water and juice. Some airlines also offer snack bags with free.



Today most long flights have incorporated some individual entertainment system for each passenger, which usually has a few films in Spanish and some in other languages with English subtitles. But I have come to travel in 2013 in an airplane from 10am did not have this system so it’s interesting that you bring something to entertain you. The best is a book or a travel guide of the place you are visiting, pens and paper, mobile battery or music.


Entertainment on board


Stretching exercises on the plane.

Although stretching exercises may seem silly at first glance is very important. The body gets tired of so many hours sitting in the same position, you should at least get up several times during the flight to stretch your legs (to me on a flight reached many legs swell up so many hours with a cowboy sitting tight, I’ve learned the lesson). When I go to the toilet I take to support me with his hands on a wall and stretch your back.

Additional tips for a long trip.


1. Spend the first two weeks as a tourist. Do not trust the time, especially if you have to do things in the country you are visiting, as study, work, do an internship, and so on. Usually towards the end of a long stay will have to solve issues such as paperwork, get rid of the things addressed, delivered in perfect condition place of lodging, and so on.

2. Browse local food and learn to cook the dishes Gastronomy is an important part of cultures. If you want to know a country thoroughly, must have basic knowledge of the local diet.

3. Travel light. Bring many things always backfire. Travelling with luggage light and practical, like a backpack, lighten the complications of a trip.

4. Not following a guidebook. The guides contain information only from the most representative. One never knows until a city is not lost on her.

5. Studied the language before. Apart from the late survival of knowing a language, the locals always appreciate the effort to learn their language.

6. Living with the locals. Just living with the local people can get to know a culture.

7. If possible, live with a host family. Maybe sacrifice a bit of comfort, but stay with a native family represents a good opportunity to know the daily life of the country.

8. Find an activity outside of school. When studying in another country do an activity outside of school opens doors to other social circles.

9. Keeping a journal. At the end of trip would appreciate having written your memoirs.