Few Tips for the Beginner Photographers

For those who love photography and would like to try it out for the first time, you are likely to find a lot of general information on photography. When other may click on these articles, venture out and be smart. Search for the tips on the specific camera model you have. These are things I learned recently on my visit to a Bryce Canyon lodge for our vacation to Bryce Canyon National Park, or the prettiest national park in the US.

You can look up on how to put up the camera in different situations like photographing during the night, or during up close shoots. There is at least someone who has done some research on how to erect your camera in this different situations and it might be helpful to you.

19980403 20 Bryce Canyon National Park

I’m going to be talking about the T1i, which is one of the best cameras to use for beginners. This is because:

• Improved ergonomics-the T1i has improved ergonomics from the earlier versions of the Canon DSLRs. This has made it easy to shoot in places that the DSLR could not work. All you require is to click on the SET button and all the settings appear on the rear panel. This way, you can be able to change on the default setting in the camera.

• Improved visual- the T1i also has a 3” LCD that is coated to avoid reflection. It provides sharp and bright images that are huge enough you to see.

• Light in weight- the T1i is very light making it ideal to travel with for long distances. It is made of light metal on the lens mount and very tough plastic. This makes it easy to withstand any damage such as falling.

• Single handed shooting- the T1i is very easy to use. It has taken a huge and creative manner to make it the first Canon DSLR that can be operated with one hand. You can actually use one hand to hold the camera and press the PLAY button. The previous Canon DSLRs required the photographer to use both hands to operate it. With one hand in the T1i, you can zoom, scroll and take a photo.

Thus, for a beginner, use the Canon Digital Rebel T1i and you will be amazed at the kind of photos you will produce. Later on, you can try the improved versions of Canon.

Photo Credit: David Wilson

Tips for a Safe ATV Snow Riding

The winter season is never a hindrance to get out of the snow and enjoy. ATV riding is one of the best activities to enjoy the snow but before you take off, it is important o learn the basic rules for a safe ATV snow riding. These are some tips that were taught to us during our stay in Zion Canyon, when we did some snow riding with an ATV tour in Utah.

Keep Up with the Basic Safety Policies

  • Regardless of the weather condition, it is crucial to always wear a helmet and other suitable safety and protective gears.
  • For an overnight escapade, it is important to always bring alongside necessary survival items or safety kit.
  • Always check your ATV before heading out especially when you bought a used vehicle and you are about to ride it for the first encounter.
  • Get acquainted with your local and state laws and always obey them.

Lo Riding ATV
Photo Credit: B A Bowen Photography

Your Safety Starts at Ownership

If you love the snow for your ultimate ATV riding, make sure that the vehicle you bought is snow ready. If you wanted to purchase a used or second hand four wheeler all terrain vehicle, be cautious to know how the previous owner have handled the vehicle. Keep everything in good condition from battery life to traction and wind protection. Tire is often one of the overlooked parts in purchasing an ATV. Make sure that there is still enough thread left on the tires to ensure that you get the traction you need while cruising the snow.

Preparations for the First Ride

There is a need to make preparations before your first ride out in the snow. The following areas listed below are some of the aspects that should be taken careful attention:

  • Check for battery. One of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle gets going with uninterrupted performance is to charge the battery. People in the northern areas appreciate the necessity of a warmed and freshly charged battery. It is a difficult situation especially when your ATV stopped in the middle of nowhere. Thus, it is important that keep your ATV garaged and its battery always charged. Also, you need to test if the battery charges before taking off. A trickle charger is also necessary to slowly charge your battery basically in colder nights. When the temperature reaches to sub zero, keep your battery always charged.
  • Fluid Levels. Always inspect that all fluids have been filled up before going out to enjoy your ATV snow riding. Fluids like water, oil, gas, antifreeze, etc are very essential to ensure that your vehicle gets going smoothly. If any of these fluids gets low will cause the engine to fail and your vehicle might stop running leaving you behind in the middle of the snow. Always inspect your coolant if it gets the right amount of antifreeze. To guarantee a balanced antifreeze mix, there are available antifreeze kits in the market.
  • Wind Protection. Heavy winds are likely to be one of the intervening factors in enjoying your ATV riding in the snow. When the temperature drops to almost zero, one who is exposed outside will basically suffer from frostbite. You must have proper protection from the risk of high winds such as windshields, handle bar or gauntlet to secure your hands from extreme cold.
  • Tire Traction. ATV tires should be properly equipped to ensure that it can stand heavy snow and ice. Before going out, make sure that your tires are snow ready and if possible, provide tire chains to increase traction. Tire chains are also helpful specifically in plowing snow you’re your ATV. Another thing is to make sure that your tires are inflated accurately because compared to other vehicles, your ATV takes much higher pounding. There are better options of tire chains which you can buy either online or in local shops.

It is always necessary to read your ATV’s user manual before you deploy outside for a real ride. However, boring in detail, you may never sure the peculiarity of ATV especially those purchased on second hand basis.

Enjoying the Snow Outside 

  • If probable you don’t want to get stuck alone in the middle of the cold, thus, on bring along with a buddy during your first ride.
  • Be careful not to weigh yourself with too much heaviness. This will cause the snow to turn into ice under your tires that might cause you to get stuck.
  • Your trail on summer is never the same to navigate during the winter. Before you decide for a ride outside, make familiar with the route. Of course, you don’t want to get lost in the trail of snowy fields.

Snow is never a reason to enjoy your ATV riding as in much fun in the dirt. Follow the basic rules and get prepared for much excitement.

Best Tips On A Long Trip

Choose well your seat

When choosing your seat you have to consider 2 things. Within a row the best seats are the aisle and window. The aisle seat allows you to stretch your legs and to come and go whenever you want without disturbing other passengers. The other star is the window seat to rest your head to sleep or watch the scenery. But most important of all, from my point of view is, not use the seats near the toilets over 10h hour flight or more, the toilets are the busiest site of the plane. It’s where you open and close the door every 2 for 3 and is home to people talk about get to sleep and I’m sure someone will wake you. These are some tips we came up with when traveling to St George to stay in an RV park.


Comfortable clothes for air travel

Long-weekend road-trip advice


This is one of the tips that I find most important when flying. Don’t use tight clothes and jeans that squeeze. I usually wear leggings or long pants sport is more like pajama bottoms. If you wear very tight jeans you may be swollen legs and feel you need to take that pants now!

Very important is to wear a jacket comfortable, the air conditioning on planes usually very strong and can sleep or wake up cold catch cold (I’ll say a whopping), I usually wear a scarf for the neck. Anyway in most long trips is usually a small blanket per passenger.


If you do not like to stay barefoot / a (neither is good) it is best to bring in your carry-on flip-flops and a pair of socks. So you can take off your shoes, you’ll be more comfortable and you can go to the toilet without having to put your shoes. The socks come in handy if you are someone who left you cold feet.

If you need to travel clothing, a very comfortable and safe to shop online is the popular clothing website Zalando, because if we check our tickets online to save money, why not buy everything you need online, whether clothing, accessories, cameras or backpacks?




The issue of food is important, I have traveled to Asia and the menu was much focused plane Asian food. The truth is that I have no trouble eating but there were people who did not like the taste of many species. On the other hand the amounts are not very big. I advise to always carry in your bag some cookies or something to eat. It will come in handy if you are hungry or want to kill time eating.




It is very important to hydrate well and drink water from time to time. The air conditioning and pressure changes can leave us stunned. Normally if you walk towards the end of the plane or at the beginning are the hostesses will offer you water and juice. Some airlines also offer snack bags with free.



Today most long flights have incorporated some individual entertainment system for each passenger, which usually has a few films in Spanish and some in other languages with English subtitles. But I have come to travel in 2013 in an airplane from 10am did not have this system so it’s interesting that you bring something to entertain you. The best is a book or a travel guide of the place you are visiting, pens and paper, mobile battery or music.


Entertainment on board


Stretching exercises on the plane.

Although stretching exercises may seem silly at first glance is very important. The body gets tired of so many hours sitting in the same position, you should at least get up several times during the flight to stretch your legs (to me on a flight reached many legs swell up so many hours with a cowboy sitting tight, I’ve learned the lesson). When I go to the toilet I take to support me with his hands on a wall and stretch your back.

Additional tips for a long trip.


1. Spend the first two weeks as a tourist. Do not trust the time, especially if you have to do things in the country you are visiting, as study, work, do an internship, and so on. Usually towards the end of a long stay will have to solve issues such as paperwork, get rid of the things addressed, delivered in perfect condition place of lodging, and so on.

2. Browse local food and learn to cook the dishes Gastronomy is an important part of cultures. If you want to know a country thoroughly, must have basic knowledge of the local diet.

3. Travel light. Bring many things always backfire. Travelling with luggage light and practical, like a backpack, lighten the complications of a trip.

4. Not following a guidebook. The guides contain information only from the most representative. One never knows until a city is not lost on her.

5. Studied the language before. Apart from the late survival of knowing a language, the locals always appreciate the effort to learn their language.

6. Living with the locals. Just living with the local people can get to know a culture.

7. If possible, live with a host family. Maybe sacrifice a bit of comfort, but stay with a native family represents a good opportunity to know the daily life of the country.

8. Find an activity outside of school. When studying in another country do an activity outside of school opens doors to other social circles.

9. Keeping a journal. At the end of trip would appreciate having written your memoirs.


Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges offers and Fishing Experience

There are different types of fishing lodges in Alaska. But nothing can beat the best and most relaxing lodges that Southeast Alaska fishing lodge. They are the most famous country houses and the most beautiful of all Alaska.



We know for a fact that Alaska is one of the best places in the world with great points of Fisheries. However, there is no problem with the place, what customers are trying to think is the solution each time you arrived. Staying at a specific destination sometimes vary in the type of fish you are seeking. Maybe you can make use of halibut fishing lodges or Southeast Alaska fishing lodge. Probably, you are asked about the services offered at the fishing lodges.



Alaska is definitely one of the perfect places for people who want to experience salmon fishing. There are plenty of spots in Southeast Alaska that you can visit and pursue different types of salmon. Different varieties of salmon include king salmon, also known as the Chinook, Coho salmon, the red or sockeye salmon, and pink salmon. This is one of the reasons why southeastern Alaska ING salmon fish is big.


Most tourists choose Alaska these lodges in Alaska due to her being a wonderful show and a good place to rest and relax. The Alaska fishing lodges also serve the best quality food. It is very tasty and worth too. Also be amazed and admire the crew or the people who work in these fishing lodges in Alaska. Always give the red carpet treatment and prioritize the rights of all customers who have.


In Southeast Alaska fishing lodges experience is the abundance of salmon that comes with different varieties. It could be the King or Chinook salmon you are after, you will be amazed with its size. It may also decrease with Coho salmon or also known as silver. And the most delicious of its kind is the sockeye or red salmon. Not as big as the Chinook, but the taste is really amazing. So if you want to make use of all types of salmon in Alaska, the proper use of fishing equipment. You can also seek help from a fishing guide in the purchase of equipment.


Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodge also has complete facilities and equipment you need. The beds and chairs are really comfortable and very good for relaxing, especially when you’re tired. The safest place to stay because there would be too guards to guard the garden while you are away. It is a very quiet place that feels the value of staying in fishing lodges in disturbing peace is never an option in Alaska fishing. You can have all the time in the world without having to be bothered by those who do not want to be associated with fishing lodges are also a better place to start fishing . It is also a place where everyone gathers new camaraderie, where you can enjoy watching the view and go fishing together and learn more about others. Whether for hobby or something deeper like to know your family and the place well… The Alaska fishing lodges are also a good place for family vacation. You and your family will never regret staying there. It’s a good time to come together and develop a deeper commitment to them. There are also many activities you can do with them and go fishing with them, eat good food with them and share a warm and welcoming place to stay with. Imagine spending a day with your family in these fishing lodges in Alaska would build a great memory for you and your loved ones.


A honeymoon can also be spent with your love one fishing lodge in Southwest Alaska. You can walk at night with love one. Enjoy the scenery, and picnic fishing together. It is also a nice place where you can spend a romantic evening with your love one. Sleeping together and get cozy.


Another thing that makes the trip exciting is to take your family with you, share with them the experiences Southeast Alaska fishing lodge can offer. In addition to the above recommendations, fishing lodge is best if you are in big cities around Alaska, is e.g. Sitka. Returning to fishing lodges, you can also avail of privacy, there are some tourists who need tranquil and who go to private cabins. The treatment of the private cabanas is very different, but also expensive compared to the regular rooms. One way to save is by using packages that are offered by the centers or shelters. So do not wait another holiday or in the summer to come, if you have time this weekend or if you really planned for a vacation, the best with the fishing lodge around Alaska. Emotions hunting experience catching big adventure or a mouth watering as you walk around and see different points of view. Have fun with the wildlife and feel 100 % comfort after exploring the treasures of the place. Go to Alaska and get the best vacation.


Do not keep worrying about the amount of money you have to spend. You will never regret the money that will go through all worthwhile experiences they will receive. So what are you waiting for? Visit lodges in Alaska now! It’s something you will never regret.

5 reasons to travel alone

“I want to see the world!” This euphoric set’m sure you have often heard from friends and acquaintances.Maybe you tell yourself again and again even this sentence. Yet often lack the will to implement. Many people talk about the things to pack and the chance to travel around the globe – and then did not make it. Expected only on whether someone can ask yourself and the journey takes up together, can be a never ending story. So now I would like to encourage all who have not dared so far to travel on your own, you pack your things and explore the world! To travel alone is not so bad. I tried this out myself when I traveled to Utah and tried to find things to do in Zion among the towering red monoliths, so I can attest that traveling alone has it’s rewards.

the beautiful people of montreal (cont.) (explore)

We promise! On the contrary, do not miss one of the best experiences in your life and let yourself be convinced of these 5 reasons:

Reason # 1: Absolute freedom enjoy
detachment from family, friends, job and commitments you can experience the freedom in its purest form. It’s just you, your desires and expectations. You are your own boss and decide now what is right and what is wrong. Soak up every day, every hour, every minute of your trip. During this time you are free and you can fully indulge in the moment.

Reason # 2: Discover you new
addition to blisters and countless memories, you’ll see a new “I” also to bring home. Alone on tour you will discover new sides of you. If you put some time on yourself to grow beyond its borders. You will certainly come back a lot more mature and wiser after your solo journey. And you will get to know even better now than before.

Reason # 3: New Crops know
if you traveling as a couple or in a group, you tend to mostly among themselves to stay to themselves. Are you traveling on your own, you have no choice but to mingle with the people. This is the perfect opportunity to experience foreign cultures.You can exchange ideas with local people and learn about the life in the country better.

Reason # 4: Adopt a clear view
As you compete the journey alone, no one can tarnish or manipulate your experiences / experience. Everything that you are experiencing now is, pure and accessible only to you. No conversations with fellow travelers can affect your emotions and perspectives. At the end of the day you save the experience for you and keep them from your personal, untroubled mind.

Reason # 5: Overcoming Fears
Sometimes it is good and helpful, to jump into the cold water. If being alone, lack of coordination and poor knowledge of the card reading to your previous fears are, it is time to suspend this offensive. Are you even on the plane / train and miles worth of your actual home away, you have no choice but to lay this fear. And you’ll feel even more freedom now than already mentioned in # 1: free from fear is life that is much, much better!

Photo Credit: Stephane Paquet

Ideas for a Family Vacation

What can you do to plan a great vacation for your family? Is it possible to come up with affordable vacation ideas that will keep your kids entertained? So often we think of traveling as just getting a hotel room somewhere pretty, but if you spend time with your kids before going then it won’t be out of the ordinary to spend time with them on vacation.

But how to use leisure time to take full advantage? As parents we need a good plan of action to not let the holiday go without having enjoyed them to their fullest. These days with our children are young and precious and we must do everything possible to stay in the memory of childhood as a happy time with Mom and Dad.

Family lifestyle portraitPhoto Credit: inglesa_loquita
Do not let the days pass by with your kids ‘glued’ to the TV, the computer or other activities that do not allow parents to participate. Here are some ideas for activities to do as a family. Put them into practice and see how your children will remember these as an unforgettable holiday.

  • Set a time each day to read with your children. A good idea is to go to the library and let them choose the books they captivate.
  • Perform sports. Kids love hanging out with their parents to the pool, cycling, soccer, or just take a walk.
  • Make a plan to visit places not usually frequented by lack of time, such as museums, amusement parks, botanical gardens, zoos etc..
  • Take the opportunity to take the kids to see children’s movies of the season.
  • Perform manual labor as ceramic or clay modeling, painting, etc..
  • Pull out the board games they can participate in all family members.

The most important is that we launch the holiday something deeply rooted in man, the playfulness of life. The game provides an escape to fight anxiety and frustrations. Through fun activities can express the best of each and share pleasant moments with family.

Remember that the game helps release anxiety and provides the ability to laugh. It is proven that people who play and laugh often very little visiting psychologists and psychiatrists. And what better opportunity to vacation away the stress of work and share all these moments with the children.

Springdale Utah, Your Zion Park Lodging Solution.

Deep in the South-eastern part of Utah, around the borders of Zion National Park lies Springdale, a small community which originally depended on agricultural activities. However, they have managed to successfully evolved with time, and providing recreational and lodging facilities to the thousands of tourists and visitors who anchor in their town when on a recreational trip to one of the many recreational sites in Southern Utah. Nowadays however, Springdale has developed from being a main lodging camp for the tourists who visit Utah, to being a tourist attraction in itself. Though Springdale town has been tweaked to suite the requirements of the today’s visitors to it, the “small town” scenario and cultures created by the ancestors who lived there in the 1800s is still very much preserved and clearly visible, which gives Springdale town an exceptional and welcoming environment filled with excitement, comfort and warmth. So this is a great place if you need a group hotel rates for your company or business.

Kolob CanyonsPhoto Credit: Isaac Borrego

Springdale is safely enclosed by the mountain-like cliffs of Zion National Park and this location coupled with hospitable facilities offered to the visitors of the park has earned Springdale the title of the Gate of Zion National Park. Springdale town hosts some of Utah’s best lodging and recreational facilities around the Zion National park. It has a series of hotels, motels, restaurants, and bed and breakfast facilities. At Springdale, it is possible to rent all the gear needed for your hiking, camping, and biking expedition into Zion National Park.

Springdale town is always glowing with a variety of fun activities and festivals that seems never to burnout. A visit to Springdale at any time of the year is more of a guaranteed ticket to a fun park filled with intriguing adventures and bright festivities. Some of the interesting festivals you can catch at Springdale include the famous Zion Flute and Drum Festival, where you can encounter some of the world’s best native-style flute makers and artist who canonize the occasion by bringing along their magical flutes for you to try out and buy. The Flute and Drum Festival is an opportunity to enjoy beautiful pieces of melody from a variety of talented artists within the confines of a beautiful natural environment, in the OC Tanner amphitheatre. Independence day, 4th of July brings with it a colourful scenario which begins with a pancake breakfast and a host of other fun community activities. Watch out for the spectacular annual Elvis Extravaganza which draws people from far and near into the Springdale community town hall, to have an enjoyable moment with Elvis, in the company of good music.

It is also possible to enjoy exciting horseback riding trips, ATV riding and Jeep tours in Springdale. You can venture into the canyons of Zion National Park either on horse back with an ATV, through challenging terrains while at the same time enjoying the cold breeze on your face as you speed though the beautiful environment in and around Springdale. The Jeep tours offer a brilliant and less tiring adventure in and around Springdale, with the opportunity to study the history of the town. There is always something interesting for adults and kids alike in Springdale town, with beautiful lodging facilities for visitors who come to visit.

Alaska’s Rich Culture

Ketchikan Alaska fog and activitiesPhoto Credit:Bob Canepa

Alaska offers so many activities that can be done, besides fishing. Look no further than in Ketchikan, Alaska, which has the Tongass Historical Museum, Dolly’s House, Saxman Totem Park, Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center, and Art and Craft Galleries and Shop.

Ketchikan, Alaska is one of the most artistic places in the world proved by having the world’s greatest collection of totem poles and native art found at Saxman Village. There is also the Totem Bright State Park wherein more poles may be found and a recreated “Long House” in a beautiful forest setting is located.

The Ketchikan Alaska activities extent beyond fishing into a place with rich culture, history, and scenic places. It is a superb place to be visited by both professional and amateur artists, as it has been enriched by various cultures for years. It takes take pride in the quality and quantity of art festivals and productions there is to offer, such as the First City Players which showcases different themes for production including drama, comedy, and the like. Every February, the Wearable Art Show is conducted wherein every person with a great fashion sense can strut their stuff in the catwalk. Another event is conducted by the Ketchikan Theater Ballet which train dancers in the classical technique and contemporary style for over 30 years. K.T.B. is Ketchikan’s premiere dance school, having two hundred students and two major dance shows each year. It provides year round concerts which keeps the art-feel in the whole Ketchikan for a full year. All these are taken care of by the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council, having over fifty years of experience. It is the bond of the entire arts and humanities event, such as the Blueberry Arts Festival, among others.

The success of Ketchikan, Alaska will not be possible without the voluntary help every person in the city gives with each other. They themselves continuously improve the arts by sharing creative processes, designs, as well as accomplishments with each other. This is among the many aspects in which we can be proud of.

Ketchikan Alaska Activities

Totem PolesPhoto Credit:NinaZed

Alaska is well-known for the great fishing experience it offers, but there are a lot more activities in store, most especially in Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is an Alaskan community with the largest population in the State. It is also well-known for having the world’s greatest collection of totem poles and native art, some of which can be found at Saxman Village. Totem Bright State Park in which more poles may be found and recreated the “Long House” in a forest setting, is located. Aside from that, Ketchikan is also a place with rich culture, history, and scenic places. Some of the other activities in Ketchikan that may be done are:

  • Tongass Historical Museum
  • Dolly’s House
  • Saxman Totem Park
  • Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center
  • Art and Craft Galleries and Shop

The Arts

Everyone in Ketchikan helps in continuously honing and improving the arts by humbly sharing creative processes, designs, as well as accomplishments with each other. The world’s top crafters also reside here, adding to Ketchikan’s rich burgeoning arts scene. This is among the many aspects in which we can be proud of.

 Venues, exhibits, and productions shine proudly with a local flare such as the Wearable Art Show during February, wherein anyone with a great fashion sense can parade their work along the runway. Ketchikan, Alaska is also a prosperous source of top quality art in any and all forms, most especially in the aspect of visual and performing arts. Every year starts with an American musical showed by the oldest acting guild in Ketchikan, the First City Players. The Players also conduct an annual Cabaret and Jazz Festival, wherein new aspiring and incoming musicians are trained by New York City jazz professionals. The rest of the season features other kinds of themes in production features such as drama, dinner theater, children’s production, and comedies.

 There is also the 30-year-existing Ketchikan Theater Ballet which train dancers in the classical technique and contemporary style. Over two hundred students and two major dance shows each year, the K.T.B. is Ketchikan’s premiere dance school. The Ketchikan Community Band keeps local amateur events flowing, with year round concerts. On the other hand, The Gigglefeet Dance Festival features local dancers and dance choreographers. Big audiences come out for dances performed in every style imaginable, from modern to traditional Alaska Native dance, to ballet and beyond. With over fifty years of experience, Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council takes care of all activities related to the arts such as the aforementioned. It is the connection of all the year-round arts and humanities event, such as the Blueberry Arts Festival held annually during August.

 Ketchikan is a fantastic outlet for both professional and amateur artists, being an area that has been enriched by various cultures for years. It takes take pride in the quality and quantity of art festivals and productions there is to offer. Whatever you are looking for in the arts, Ketchikan has everything. Interested in other activities?