Five Golf Tips for Seniors

Flexibility has become critical in our swings as we age

The importance of incorporating sports and leisure to retirees and seniors has been recognized due to the advantageous impact to them. Golf is one of the most popular leisure activities among seniors. This has invigorated them mentally and physically not only as a form of leisure and enjoyment but a good source of exercise. One of our favorite spots to golf is in St George Utah, the climate there makes for a golfers paradise.  This fall we found a great hotel to stay in, so if you’re looking for places to stay in St George look no further.

Many seniors have a wrong perception about the game that as they age, they stopped playing golf because their body can no longer adapt to the requirement of the game. This is entirely a misconception.

Some seniors find golf as a frustrating game for them as they cannot turn the way they used to before. You don’t have to worry because your body as a senior can still have the best enjoyment out from playing golf. With a different style of training approach that fits to the seniors’ needs today, golf has become an extremely interesting for them. The excitement continues for many senior golfers given the training and acceptance what their body can perform today. So, senior golfers will start learning again the way they used when they started golf at a younger age but this time, learning the way on how both their body and mind can enjoy the game.

Grand Cayman Golf

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Turn back the hands of clock and consider five tips below and swinging factors to help resolve the flexibility issue of seniors:

  1. Try for a stance width that is comfortable for you. When feet are closer to each other, it becomes much easier to rotate and transfer your weight. This enhances your capability to backswing and follow through as well as resolves your flexibility issue associated to this moves. This will improve the speed of how you rotate your hips during backswing and distribution of weight on your feet. When backswing is successful, it thus become easier to initiate a forward swing. As you get along, you can try for various stance width gradually to know how it creates speed on club head and eventually improves distance.
  2. Place the lifting effort on the left heel during backswing. While performing a backswing, it is important to pay focus on the amount of rotation on your hip and shoulder. These are the primary sources of power, thus it is important to allow your left heel stayed down that will eventually create more rotation on the backswing. As golfers aged, flexibility becomes an issue and making a full swing would be a problem. On one hand, trying a heel lift would help to make a complete turn possible.
  3. Avoid tension. By all means, try not to feel frustrated about the game because this creates tension. When tension is present, it kills the excitement and devastates your ability to perform well in the game.
  4. Go for a 10-finger grip. The wrist hinges more easily if there is an easy pressure on the hands. Using all fingers to grip the club has surprising results to most senior golfers. It is more comfortable to hold the club without exerting much pressure on the hands. When there is an added hinging on the wrist coupled with softer pressure on the hands, aiming for increased swings on the club and more distance is more likely possible.
  5. Hit the mark by swinging ‘through the ball’. Your main target is to move the ball forward and not entirely hitting the ball. You must completely aim to increase the club head speed and not allowing hitting the ball head alone. Using the proper shaft and clubs plus a combined swinging through a ball can be your ingredient to a real target.

Playing golf has become more exciting as we age. All it takes is proper training and knowledge on how we could utilize our flexibility to adjust with the body that we have today!

Five of the most beautiful cities worldwide New Year’s Eve

Each year was again the same question: Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

There are many different ways to spend New Year’s Eve. First, one can stay at home and spend his New Year’s Eve or you are traveling and welcomes the New Year under the palms. In this article, we have five of the most beautiful cities worldwide New Year’s put together for you. Last New Years was spent in Utah, after some Mt Carmel dining we found ourselves with no fireworks, no cities, just us and the sky. So  if you have your own tips for a successful New Year’s Eve celebration, we look forward to hearing your comments at the end of the article. 


New York City

New York City is located on the east coast of the United States of America. The city is located in the state of New York. So that the city can foist it is officially called State of New York City (NYC). With over eight million inhabitants, the city is one of the most populous in the United States. This city attracts not only the New Year’s magical appeal, but just at night to New Year you can at the Big Apple experience a lot. The most famous party in town rises on Times Square . The New Year celebration is followed by millions of people worldwide on television. For people who suffer from claustrophobia is the party but nothing. One should make early on the legs already to catch a good seat. As usual in America, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the streets. Despite the often prevailing minus temperatures this time of year the place is always well attended. The greatest spectacle is the “time ball”, since 1907 the annual New Year’s Eve in New York’s skyscrapers of One Times Square is lowered about 20 feet on a pole. The ball is tipped with countless bulbs. After a minute, it’s all over and a gigantic fireworks display follows.

The day after is a good time to sights to get to know the city better. Not least because of the good dollar NYC is a shopper’s paradise. However, this should be considered just before the import restrictions of their own country.



London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The city lies on the River Thames in south-east England, on the island of Great Britain. It is one of 13 municipalities and has around 7.8 million inhabitants and is one of the most populous municipality in the European Union. Besides the many attractions such as the wax museum Madame Tussaud’s , Big Ben, Twoer Bridge and much more., the city offers a great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Who does not have claustrophobia, which is the Trafalgar Square to recommend, is celebrated where left out until the early morning hours. A fireworks show will not take place here, however. Traditionally, the fireworks at the place London Eye instead. After the fireworks, the party, the party continues in the many pubs and bars. You should pack and buy a ticket in time, however, otherwise it may happen that the party is already booked up or standing in front of closed doors. Also found at the Millennium Dome and the wild parties “Piccadilly Circus” instead. For New Year’s Eve party in London however, you should have enough money with you. The prices for food and drinks are high, especially in clubs and bars.

In London, it lends itself naturally, after to further explore the city by day. Many attractions offer the best photo backdrops for a great holiday memory.


Berlin is the capital and seat of government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The city is located in eastern Germany, and is divided into 12 districts.With around 3.4 million inhabitants, Berlin is the largest city in the country and also the second largest in the European Union. In addition to many attractions in the city and a historical story, you can also go very well celebrate New Year’s Eve in the capital. Berlin invites the world’s largest open-air New Year’s Eve party. This live bands and DJs will provide the right party mood. Like last year, where around one million people at the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column celebrated, is also expected this year, with several hundred thousand people. Here, the party mile from the Brandenburg Gate on 17th Street is June through to victory column cover. The mile is about two kilometers long and offers show stages, stage acts, laser and light shows and cuisine from all over the world. Of course, there will be a huge fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate.

For all who have come not only for New Year’s Eve Party, Berlin offers many attractions such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and many other historical buildings and a fascinating history.


Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. The city is located in the European part of Russia, on the banks of the Moskva River . With about 11.5 million inhabitants, Moscow is one of the largest city in Russia. Besides well-known attractions such as the Red Square and the Kremlin big New Year’s Eve celebrations are celebrated. It does not necessarily reflect how the New Year’s Eve with us. For in Moscow Christmas and New Year is celebrated on the same day. The Moscow gather at midnight on the Red Square and push the sounding of the bell at the New Year. This total is in Russia because of many different time zones 11 times celebrated New Year’s Eve . The big fireworks will be held on Red Square. For all who would be too cold in the Red Square, the city offers a wealth of bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants.

In Moscow, you should spend a few days around the city to further explore and see all their glory. Besides, many attractions offer the opportunity for unique shots with the camera. In particular, the Kremlin is very impressive with its 19 towers.



Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales. It is located on the east coast of Australia right on the Pacific Ocean. With around 3.6 million inhabitants, Sydney is the largest city of the Australian continent.Besides the magnificent architecture, the town offers many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Here it is again possible New Year’s Eve in bikini and swimming shorts to celebrate. The big New Year’s Eve fireworks display this officially held at the city’s port. Here, several hundred thousands of people gather around the ” Harbour Bridge “ . The fireworks display takes 12 minutes for each month of the year, so one minute. Due to the risk of forest fires, the firing of a private fireworks is prohibited.The soundtrack is the big fireworks of a suitable music. Another good place from where you can watch the spectacle is the ” Mrs. Macquarie’s Point “is one of many parks in Sydney. However, one should be quick if you want to get a place in this park, as it is for a maximum of 25,000 people open. Moreover, there is a peculiarity in Sydney. Unmitellbar by the Kiribati Islands is the capital of Australia one of the first places where you can celebrate and welcome the New Year. If you’re fast, you make it twice to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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How to Avoid Travel Sickness

Travel sickness is very common especially for kids, but there are also adults who suffer from such conditions due to certain circumstances. Usually if you are not well there is a big tendency that you will get sicker if you travel. That is why it is recommended to stay home when you are sick. I had to experience this when I had a St George hotel room, where the travel sickness overtook me.

sandstone rain puddlePhoto Credit: Raymond Shobe

Eating heavy meals before a flight, train ride or a long road trip can also cause motion sickness. In order to prevent this, it is better if you can consume only small amounts of food prior to your departure. Dry crackers are good especially if you really get sick during any kind of traveling.

In scientific explanation, travel sickness happens when there are rhythmic small movements which confuse the brain. The brain will find it hard to decipher the mixed messages. During this brain confusion stage, the eyes tell one thing regarding the body’s position, while the inner part of the ear is saying something else. This situation results in nausea, which might cause heavy sweating and vomiting.

During traveling, it is actually not just motion that always triggers the sickness. Sometimes certain smells or fragrances make people sick; there are people who can’t stand the smell of petrol.

The following are some tips on how to avoid travel sickness in different circumstances:

Road Trip

For long road trips and you have children traveling with you, it is best if you can keep them occupied during the drive in order to keep their minds off from being dizzy. Also you have to make sure that the vehicle is well-ventilated.

Avoid (if possible) repeated acceleration and slowing down; these will be recurring motions that can trigger the dizziness. It is also advisable to take regular stops to get some fresh air during long car journeys.

Sea Traveling

During sea traveling a lot of people really do get sick, especially when the sea is not calm. It is always good to get as much fresh air as you can and to stay away from the smells of galley foods and fuel fumes.

It is better if you can just sit tight or lie down and try to get some sleep. But if this is impossible and you want to go on deck, just try not to watch the waves and focus more on something that is not moving or the horizon.

Plane Ride

If you get sick during plane rides, it is best if you can ask for a seat over the wing, which is the most stable part of the plane during flights. Be sure to tilt your seat back for comfort and rest you head on the headrest and try to close your eyes. Listen to some music to take your mind off feeling sick. Do not look out the window and try not to look around the plane so much.

Here are some general tips on how to avoid travel sickness:

·       Do not take alcohol and heavy meals prior to departure

·       Always try to keep still and close your eyes

·       Take anti-sickness medications an hour before you go

If you know that you or someone who is going with you is going to be sick on your journey, it is best if you can take the heed some of the given recommendations. Motion sickness is preventable, but it is always better to be prepared for emergencies.

Springdale Utah, Your Zion Park Lodging Solution.

Deep in the South-eastern part of Utah, around the borders of Zion National Park lies Springdale, a small community which originally depended on agricultural activities. However, they have managed to successfully evolved with time, and providing recreational and lodging facilities to the thousands of tourists and visitors who anchor in their town when on a recreational trip to one of the many recreational sites in Southern Utah. Nowadays however, Springdale has developed from being a main lodging camp for the tourists who visit Utah, to being a tourist attraction in itself. Though Springdale town has been tweaked to suite the requirements of the today’s visitors to it, the “small town” scenario and cultures created by the ancestors who lived there in the 1800s is still very much preserved and clearly visible, which gives Springdale town an exceptional and welcoming environment filled with excitement, comfort and warmth. So this is a great place if you need a group hotel rates for your company or business.

Kolob CanyonsPhoto Credit: Isaac Borrego

Springdale is safely enclosed by the mountain-like cliffs of Zion National Park and this location coupled with hospitable facilities offered to the visitors of the park has earned Springdale the title of the Gate of Zion National Park. Springdale town hosts some of Utah’s best lodging and recreational facilities around the Zion National park. It has a series of hotels, motels, restaurants, and bed and breakfast facilities. At Springdale, it is possible to rent all the gear needed for your hiking, camping, and biking expedition into Zion National Park.

Springdale town is always glowing with a variety of fun activities and festivals that seems never to burnout. A visit to Springdale at any time of the year is more of a guaranteed ticket to a fun park filled with intriguing adventures and bright festivities. Some of the interesting festivals you can catch at Springdale include the famous Zion Flute and Drum Festival, where you can encounter some of the world’s best native-style flute makers and artist who canonize the occasion by bringing along their magical flutes for you to try out and buy. The Flute and Drum Festival is an opportunity to enjoy beautiful pieces of melody from a variety of talented artists within the confines of a beautiful natural environment, in the OC Tanner amphitheatre. Independence day, 4th of July brings with it a colourful scenario which begins with a pancake breakfast and a host of other fun community activities. Watch out for the spectacular annual Elvis Extravaganza which draws people from far and near into the Springdale community town hall, to have an enjoyable moment with Elvis, in the company of good music.

It is also possible to enjoy exciting horseback riding trips, ATV riding and Jeep tours in Springdale. You can venture into the canyons of Zion National Park either on horse back with an ATV, through challenging terrains while at the same time enjoying the cold breeze on your face as you speed though the beautiful environment in and around Springdale. The Jeep tours offer a brilliant and less tiring adventure in and around Springdale, with the opportunity to study the history of the town. There is always something interesting for adults and kids alike in Springdale town, with beautiful lodging facilities for visitors who come to visit.

Silverking Alaska Activities

Ketchikan, Alaska is a one-of-a-kind community in Alaska, having a rich historic and scenic wonders proven by numerous activities held all throughout the year, as well as the museums showcasing the artworks it has in store, found in Tongass Historical Museum, Dolly’s House, Saxman Totem Park, Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center, and Art and Craft Galleries and Shop, among others. Often when we think of Alaska we think of Alaska fishing lodges, which are spectacular but there is so much more.

Silverking Alaska fishing lodgePhoto Credit:Woody Hibbard

The Ketchikan Area of Arts and Humanities Council, having over fifty years of experience, continuously improve the flow of art in every and all forms. It serves as the link of the entire arts and humanities event. Among the events active within the whole year filling the hunger of visual and performing arts is the First City Players. It is the oldest acting guild in Ketchikan, which runs a full season of productions of various themes including comedy, drama, children’s productions, and the like. It also conducts a First City Player’s annual Cabaret and Jazz Festival for amateur musicians who are to be tutored by visiting New York City jazz professionals, with a full weekend’s worth of performances.

Another is the premier dance school of Ketchikan, the Ketchikan Theater Ballet, which has over two hundred students and two major dance shows each year. It is dedicated in training dancers to be best in the classical technique and contemporary styles.

An additional event that should not be missed is the Wearable Art Show, which takes place every February in Ketchikan. Anyone with a modicum of fashion sense and some fabric can prance their stuff along the runway.

These are only some of the events that truly enriches the art and culture of Ketchikan. No matter what you are looking for in the arts, Ketchikan has surely has it. It is an area that has been enriched by various cultures for years, making it an implausible channel for both professional and amateur artists. Come see for yourself what the buzz is all about.

Guide For Luxury & Budget Hotels

Cedar is one of the most popular areas of Valencia to go for a drink or tapas.

Cedar is one of the most popular areas of Valencia to go for a drink or tapas. It belongs to the district known as the Garden City. Its proximity to the University of Valencia makes it a busy area of students and young people, who fill the bars and virtually all week and especially from Thursday, thus known as university Thursday.

This area of Valencia is organized around a main square, Plaza del Cedro, around which are local in which different take from a coffee or a beer to dining out, going to rock concerts or listen live indie music until almost dawn. Other areas close with a very similar are the square and the square Xuquer Honduras.

So if you like tapas, the Cedar is one of the most outstanding areas of Valencia. Here is the popular restaurant La Lobera, known for its tapas menu accompanied by beer and sangria. Other popular bars in the area are the corner of Cedar Row Winery, Brewery or Bodegueta Fair.

If you want tapas in the Cedar, you also want to know the path Cover Time, a tour of several local Cedro where, by requesting fifth beer, they serve you a free cover. Cover Route Time takes place every Wednesday from 20 to 23:30 h. The premises involved are: Café Lola, Little Sin, The Lovera and Fraggle Rock.
Exit at Cedar

And if you fancy tapas after a drink or party, the Cedar is also a perfect area to hear good music. There are some outlets such as the Murderer or screw, which usually put rock music. But Cedar is known for its vintage aesthetic pubs and indie music. In many of them will have the opportunity to hear live music also. How about a drink at Cafe Colors and then enter the Wah Wah, Matisse or The Velvet?

The most popular:

Wah Wah
The Velvet
Mini club

Hotel in Cedar City UtahPhoto Credit:Alwyn Ladell

The abbey inn hotel, located in Cedar City Utah, is a Renaissance-inspired mansion, similar to Italy’s Tuscan villas and surrounded by a large garden of ancient cedars.
The hotel is divided into two properties: the bungalows and the palace. The hotel also offers customers other services: meeting rooms, private dining rooms, bar and restaurant English summer terrace.

An Ideal Holiday Destination

The background of the island had were rather poor, only knew that it is the embarkation point of the salt mined in Black Warrior and has two large villages. My immediate destination was El Morro, whose springs have made Cedros Island the third busiest port in the country (and first in the Pacific Coast) for their cargo. Seven million tons of salt left here only in 1998. Rigoberto Cardenas, who had the favor of showing the docks, took me to see another amazing spectacle: dozens of sea lions dozing quietly in the main spring brackets, each being used as pillows.


I was excited the same with animals than with his own carelessness, however the port and our presence hustle a few steps. After the port area saw some of El Morro, a town brand for its cleanliness and modernity (at least when compared to the Cedars village, 9 km to the north) which has a beautiful church. The next day was designed to reverse the island’s boat Catarino Martinez. Don Catarino is without doubt one of the main attractions of the island. With half a century of experience as a diver and fisherman, no one knows those seas like him. In the forties started using still underwater scuba dives, and decades later accompanied the famous Ramon Bravo to film killer whales roamed the coast of Cedros. So that Thursday hoped that live hour sea wolf, but the fog prevented.



Unable to make the excursion I was in what is properly known as Cedros, the largest settlement on the island. It is a fishing village that grew up without any planning. The ruins of a fish packing plant and several abandoned houses talk about that not long ago lived better times. Cedros is a relatively young town. It was founded by fishermen in 1922. Initially working for one of the companies of Abelardo L. Rodriguez, president of Mexico from 1932 to 1934. Later they did for the Japanese and some Mexican firms and most recently for the National Fishermen Cooperative Abalone Baja California.


Previously there were many who knew and inhabited the island, starting with the Indians. Covarrubias Hiram Professor Wilkes, which is how the local authority in history, told me that there are several sites with traces of their former camps. The Jesuits who explored and evangelized the Baja California noted in the eighteenth century the name the Indians gave to the island: something like “Huamalguá” which appropriately enough means “Nebula”. In 1540, the expedition of Francisco de Ulloa, sent by Hernán Cortés, discovered and took possession of this piece of California land. With the wisdom to put names to the bold explorers flaunted Hispanics, this island rich in pine, oak, juniper, torotes and many trees, but not cedars, given its current name. For some unknown reason, in the two centuries after the name was corrupted to “Island of Hills” (much more suitable than the original), and then by another equally obscure reason, recovered the previous name. On Friday he hoped to clear dawn climb to the central mountain ranges and meet its strange forests.


Package deals in cedar city is among the two most important elevations of the island, Cerro de Cedros, in the south-central and Pico Gill, north, these forests are famous with two endemic species of pine (Pinus radiata var. Cedrosensis ) and another of oak (Quercus cedrosensis). After a kind invitation of Rigo, decided to go on a dirt truck which runs south and west of the island. We were accompanied on the tour two salineros: Orlando and Javier. The first kilometers of the southern coast, which the locals call El Playon, were encouraging. A clearing in the endless clouds cream revealed a beautiful blue sky framed by a rainbow. But as we lined the west the sky turned as opaque as my expectations. Hardly the fog we would see beyond our noses.


Indeed, once we got to the west coast and try to climb the slopes of the mountain range the problems started. Clouds hid up the hills more dwarf and a thin and persistent drizzle made me feel, cold as raw as the worst in the city of Mexico. To make matters worse, the rain became muddy the gap through which wanted to climb, and the van slid over and over again. After months of absolute dryness Cedros Island was rainfall (and touched just me). For comfort, Rigo, plotted Javier Orlando and visit the southern fishing grounds. We first Wayle field that has a tiny beach where a boat can only simultaneously. Hence fishermen took us to St. Augustine, in the southwest corner of the island. St. Augustine, rather than visit, worth living. If it exists in the world a typical fishing village, this is St. Augustine. Then began lobster season and local fishermen have laudable custom of inviting the visitors the crustacean in unlimited amount. The only condition is that the host put it prepares its own. There were dozens of lobsters struggling vainly to get out of the bags and boxes.


A medium ship approached San Agustin and fishermen ran to the boats: it was Maria del Carmen, Abalone National Fishermen, which had for its lobsters. I followed, and in a flash we were in the water. Fishermen have lobster traps, abundant there as in few places in the world. Daily live lobsters collected and enclosed in wooden crates floating tied to each other. At that point they rush to pick up the boxes and take them to Maria del Carmen, next to queuing to deliver. On the boat, other drawers hoisted cooperative and its load-tabilizan. Verified with a rare form of rule in C that are adult animals are smaller if the water returning to the chagrin of fishermen. But the proper size in other drawers throw them where someone else checks the weight.


Cedar Hotel, Plate 3Photo Credit:Thomas Hawk

When the task is completed the ship returns to the town of Cedros, where the locusts are driven to the airport and then continue its long journey first to Ensenada, BC, then to San Diego, in Alta California and from there, who knows! On Saturday, my last day on the island, another attempt boat excursion with Don Catarino was again canceled by the morning mist. However, hours later the miracle happened: at noon, a bright sun lit the airport of El Morro. The route we followed the coast of Cedros Island, first south and then west to the north. The beauty of this piece of sun-drenched Mexico offset all the troubles of the week. There was first of Jerusalem, the eastern district of El Morro, sociable and tidy. Then he saw the stunning contrast of an emerald sea with sandy soil in El Playon. In the west, we could see the plain interrupted by dry beds of several streams.


Hundreds of meters beyond the Pico Gill, clarity allowed us to see another hill crowned by the same forest I wanted to know the day before and could not. It was a tiny grove with many fallen trees, but sturdy foliage. Clouds clawed its shores in the west, but once we crossed the island toward the bay Sebastian Vizcaino discovered the shiny bald skirt of the hill. In that area we draw several circles over the mountains, the coast and the sea.

Alaska’s Rich Culture

Ketchikan Alaska fog and activitiesPhoto Credit:Bob Canepa

Alaska offers so many activities that can be done, besides fishing. Look no further than in Ketchikan, Alaska, which has the Tongass Historical Museum, Dolly’s House, Saxman Totem Park, Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center, and Art and Craft Galleries and Shop.

Ketchikan, Alaska is one of the most artistic places in the world proved by having the world’s greatest collection of totem poles and native art found at Saxman Village. There is also the Totem Bright State Park wherein more poles may be found and a recreated “Long House” in a beautiful forest setting is located.

The Ketchikan Alaska activities extent beyond fishing into a place with rich culture, history, and scenic places. It is a superb place to be visited by both professional and amateur artists, as it has been enriched by various cultures for years. It takes take pride in the quality and quantity of art festivals and productions there is to offer, such as the First City Players which showcases different themes for production including drama, comedy, and the like. Every February, the Wearable Art Show is conducted wherein every person with a great fashion sense can strut their stuff in the catwalk. Another event is conducted by the Ketchikan Theater Ballet which train dancers in the classical technique and contemporary style for over 30 years. K.T.B. is Ketchikan’s premiere dance school, having two hundred students and two major dance shows each year. It provides year round concerts which keeps the art-feel in the whole Ketchikan for a full year. All these are taken care of by the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council, having over fifty years of experience. It is the bond of the entire arts and humanities event, such as the Blueberry Arts Festival, among others.

The success of Ketchikan, Alaska will not be possible without the voluntary help every person in the city gives with each other. They themselves continuously improve the arts by sharing creative processes, designs, as well as accomplishments with each other. This is among the many aspects in which we can be proud of.

Ketchikan Alaska Activities

Totem PolesPhoto Credit:NinaZed

Alaska is well-known for the great fishing experience it offers, but there are a lot more activities in store, most especially in Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is an Alaskan community with the largest population in the State. It is also well-known for having the world’s greatest collection of totem poles and native art, some of which can be found at Saxman Village. Totem Bright State Park in which more poles may be found and recreated the “Long House” in a forest setting, is located. Aside from that, Ketchikan is also a place with rich culture, history, and scenic places. Some of the other activities in Ketchikan that may be done are:

  • Tongass Historical Museum
  • Dolly’s House
  • Saxman Totem Park
  • Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center
  • Art and Craft Galleries and Shop

The Arts

Everyone in Ketchikan helps in continuously honing and improving the arts by humbly sharing creative processes, designs, as well as accomplishments with each other. The world’s top crafters also reside here, adding to Ketchikan’s rich burgeoning arts scene. This is among the many aspects in which we can be proud of.

 Venues, exhibits, and productions shine proudly with a local flare such as the Wearable Art Show during February, wherein anyone with a great fashion sense can parade their work along the runway. Ketchikan, Alaska is also a prosperous source of top quality art in any and all forms, most especially in the aspect of visual and performing arts. Every year starts with an American musical showed by the oldest acting guild in Ketchikan, the First City Players. The Players also conduct an annual Cabaret and Jazz Festival, wherein new aspiring and incoming musicians are trained by New York City jazz professionals. The rest of the season features other kinds of themes in production features such as drama, dinner theater, children’s production, and comedies.

 There is also the 30-year-existing Ketchikan Theater Ballet which train dancers in the classical technique and contemporary style. Over two hundred students and two major dance shows each year, the K.T.B. is Ketchikan’s premiere dance school. The Ketchikan Community Band keeps local amateur events flowing, with year round concerts. On the other hand, The Gigglefeet Dance Festival features local dancers and dance choreographers. Big audiences come out for dances performed in every style imaginable, from modern to traditional Alaska Native dance, to ballet and beyond. With over fifty years of experience, Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council takes care of all activities related to the arts such as the aforementioned. It is the connection of all the year-round arts and humanities event, such as the Blueberry Arts Festival held annually during August.

 Ketchikan is a fantastic outlet for both professional and amateur artists, being an area that has been enriched by various cultures for years. It takes take pride in the quality and quantity of art festivals and productions there is to offer. Whatever you are looking for in the arts, Ketchikan has everything. Interested in other activities?