City of Totems in Ketchikan Alaska

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA


Ketchikan is the first port in Alaska for those traveling by sea from one destination to the south. With the boom in tourism caused by the popularity of cruising, Ketchikan has been adapted to suit the lucrative tourist industry and as soon as one of the ships is lowered faces countless stores that attract the visitor. For some reason the jewelry appeared to predominate among the shops we found on this trip.

Ketchikan harbour tug

Once we put the focus on what we want and not what we want to sell, we begin to discover the Ketchikan we had anticipated. This place, among the many other things that qualify, is truly a place to live and operate even lumberjacks and fishermen. Forests are impressive, they call rain forests, but they are not as tropical rainforests, are forests of pine and rain both in the region of Ketchikan, really in much of the Pacific coast of Alaska, we imagine that why they call rain forests. From fishing, well, call it Ketchikan Salmon Capital of the World, and the city has one of those concrete stairs that regulate the descent of the river where the salmon season on the up jumping from step to step to the admiration of those happy tourists who achieve synchronize your trip with the salmon run.


Aguila in Ketchikan, Alaska, United States


In some places, of course accessible to tourists, they are animals of the region. There are zoos rather places preservation of nature. Sure, in summer you have to be careful, especially if we get to the salmon, because a bear can come from anywhere and is better to ask before starting to explore on your own away from the population. There are also places that are not museums, where you can see the remains of what was once a sawmill or other thing in his days was very important or useful and now are things that we hear only. Very picturesque and attractive are some of these places.


Ketchikan is the world’s largest collection of totem and his monument is called The Misty Fjords National Monument is a gigantic natural park with a unique beauty of its kind, a landscape of fable with large water reserves, forests and fauna and of course the famous glaciers that make this earth a place for mysticism and reflection of the wonders of nature.


Good place is to go see Ketchikan totem poles. They are everywhere in the city. They say it’s in Ketchikan where the highest concentration of these interesting posts. There are some places nearby where you can see native cultures, and as part of these cultures are more posts, and other expressions of native beliefs.


One of the most interesting is to know the local art and crafts which are mainly located in The Saxman Village, where you can make purchases which incidentally are very economical, there are offered products such as clothing, footwear, leather goods, Jewelry, books, art and craft made by locals.


Travel to this charming destination is an invitation to commune with nature and total relaxation possible. In our travel agency is paramount comfort and welfare of our customers that we will suggest the best things to do in Ketchikan and show you the best resorts and hotels are located there