Concept of Digital Signage Displays

Next-generation technology by integrating a network of LCD monitors 19 ‘ inch and Plasma 42 ” inch fully interconnected , installed at different strategic points of the property: boxes , kiosks , customer input , gondolas , cafeteria , Access Areas , Elevators , points high flow , short, movement infinite possibilities for greater return on sales and entertain clients .

Recall rate higher than in traditional advertisements. Consumers are more likely to buy seeing an ad in SD located near a point of sale (POS) than watching television from your home or work;
Digital Signage

Photo Credit: Sun Group
Ads can be modified at any time of the day , all over the Internet in real time , and its content updated across the network automatically monitors , bringing great dynamism conveyed the information ;

View multimedia animations LCD screens from 17 ‘ / 19′ inch Plasmas or 42 ‘ inch with superior quality to conventional media , drawing attention and giving more involvement the viewer ;

With Digital Signage throughout time is prime time, and not only at night or early in the day as Television Stations;

More than displaying advertisements, SD provides opportunity to its viewers follow the latest regional, national and world news. In addition to entertaining and inform, it also has in its program grid, utility and social responsibility services;

Television ad several times a day (inserts). The final cost for an advertiser is much smaller when compared to the amount invested in conventional media such as television and newspaper.

Economy in advertising and distribution part, by advertising in conventional media, a company needs to produce different file formats. With the SD agent can convey your advertising in many different locations without having to adapt them to all monitors and points.

Internal communications channel with employees for handouts and training.

An excellent indoor digital media for wide range of users within the Point of Sale ( POS ) , as well as providing a targeted media for each department / section / sector as well as other units and franchise companies .

 Digital signage displays is a powerful communication tool, having the ability to bring quality information to the client, with a rare impact often seen in any other media. In this system, electronic screens (Plasma, LCD, OLED, touch screens, computer monitors, standard televisions, LED) display different sizes in various media formats with objectives ranging from brand to announce a client entertaining, relevant content leading to a room wait or point of sale.

This technology adds hitherto unnoticed qualities as guidance to the sales team from the stores where the promoters, constantly observing moving content, eventually assimilating the information. The quality is excellent that it conveys, having an aspiration of advertisers and agencies: precise, direct and objective.

With the constant development of technology and cost reductions, the Digital Signage displays become every day more feasible. After all, who can deny the interest in having a digital booklet on a flat screen with moving images and information outside their establishment?