Earth Day – environmental awareness and sustainability on Travel

“Think globally – act locally” is the motto of the day – the ” Earth Day “. A day to encourage the population to think about their consumption behavior. The issue of climate change affects everyone, and even while traveling, you can not escape it. We talked climate change while we were traveling and trying to plan vacation to Bryce Canyon.

Planet Zion.

We admit it is not always easy to organic food or fair-trade produced goods. Lack of time and convenience often lead us to forget to environmental protection: quickly booked cheap flights, disposable packaging of food in between, countless water bottles …

In every country there are other rules that can be taken into account to improve the global situation. Plastic bottles can be refilled and do not ever bought later (and discarded), are souvenirs from low-cost production countries can also be bought from organizations that put the gain in social projects and classic adventure tours are also offered by “Eco friendly” company.

Find a place actions today on “Climate Change” instead. With this article, we make a small contribution and provide you some uncomplicated methods on how to go eco-conscious traveling:


Outdoor clothing must be functional and meet the requirements. In addition to quality, form and color, this index helps to decide on a fair-produced product with a good ecological balance.



All are much in the way nature should obtain biodegradable soap, shampoo, etc.. Those gives up in any camping store and now even in most drugstores.

Simple acts:

Who wants to start with simple everyday actions can consciously protect the environment and inform each other of the promise by one click make certain things in the future to get right. Here is an extract:

  • Instead of using a Fine Wine – $2 saving per year on average
  • With its own shopping bag (against the throwaway society) – $25 savings per year on average
  • Climbing stairs instead of the lift drive – $ 10 savings per year on average
  • Instead of sailing cruise – $ 500 savings per year on average
  • Online banking users (online get the account statement, no paper / transport) – $ 20 on average per year
  • Dishwasher only full turn – $220 on average per year

Do it Yourself – Instructions

As a small sustainable recycling area is needed because we want you to celebrate today on the occasion of Earth Day, we are making as an old bicycle inner tubes with beautiful belt a few steps:


  1. Old bicycle inner tubes do you get when you do not even have, free of charge in bicycle shops. Just a few nice pick with cool prints that are ideally flat rather than round.
  2. To inflate the portion of the thread and cut out the open hose rinse well (who makes several they can also add to the washing machine) – dry
  3. Sewing buttons in the Sale (“Outdoor” – they should go through solid material and also as tent fabrics hold together)
  4. Pause, adjust and cut the belt 4. Stop buttons, select locations to follow and fix it with a hammer.
  5. Voila

Also left no footprints

Photo Credit: zPRIME