Few Tips for the Beginner Photographers

For those who love photography and would like to try it out for the first time, you are likely to find a lot of general information on photography. When other may click on these articles, venture out and be smart. Search for the tips on the specific camera model you have. These are things I learned recently on my visit to a Bryce Canyon lodge for our vacation to Bryce Canyon National Park, or the prettiest national park in the US.

You can look up on how to put up the camera in different situations like photographing during the night, or during up close shoots. There is at least someone who has done some research on how to erect your camera in this different situations and it might be helpful to you.

19980403 20 Bryce Canyon National Park

I’m going to be talking about the T1i, which is one of the best cameras to use for beginners. This is because:

• Improved ergonomics-the T1i has improved ergonomics from the earlier versions of the Canon DSLRs. This has made it easy to shoot in places that the DSLR could not work. All you require is to click on the SET button and all the settings appear on the rear panel. This way, you can be able to change on the default setting in the camera.

• Improved visual- the T1i also has a 3” LCD that is coated to avoid reflection. It provides sharp and bright images that are huge enough you to see.

• Light in weight- the T1i is very light making it ideal to travel with for long distances. It is made of light metal on the lens mount and very tough plastic. This makes it easy to withstand any damage such as falling.

• Single handed shooting- the T1i is very easy to use. It has taken a huge and creative manner to make it the first Canon DSLR that can be operated with one hand. You can actually use one hand to hold the camera and press the PLAY button. The previous Canon DSLRs required the photographer to use both hands to operate it. With one hand in the T1i, you can zoom, scroll and take a photo.

Thus, for a beginner, use the Canon Digital Rebel T1i and you will be amazed at the kind of photos you will produce. Later on, you can try the improved versions of Canon.

Photo Credit: David Wilson