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Cedar is one of the most popular areas of Valencia to go for a drink or tapas.

Cedar is one of the most popular areas of Valencia to go for a drink or tapas. It belongs to the district known as the Garden City. Its proximity to the University of Valencia makes it a busy area of students and young people, who fill the bars and virtually all week and especially from Thursday, thus known as university Thursday.

This area of Valencia is organized around a main square, Plaza del Cedro, around which are local in which different take from a coffee or a beer to dining out, going to rock concerts or listen live indie music until almost dawn. Other areas close with a very similar are the square and the square Xuquer Honduras.

So if you like tapas, the Cedar is one of the most outstanding areas of Valencia. Here is the popular restaurant La Lobera, known for its tapas menu accompanied by beer and sangria. Other popular bars in the area are the corner of Cedar Row Winery, Brewery or Bodegueta Fair.

If you want tapas in the Cedar, you also want to know the path Cover Time, a tour of several local Cedro where, by requesting fifth beer, they serve you a free cover. Cover Route Time takes place every Wednesday from 20 to 23:30 h. The premises involved are: Café Lola, Little Sin, The Lovera and Fraggle Rock.
Exit at Cedar

And if you fancy tapas after a drink or party, the Cedar is also a perfect area to hear good music. There are some outlets such as the Murderer or screw, which usually put rock music. But Cedar is known for its vintage aesthetic pubs and indie music. In many of them will have the opportunity to hear live music also. How about a drink at Cafe Colors and then enter the Wah Wah, Matisse or The Velvet?

The most popular:

Wah Wah
The Velvet
Mini club

Hotel in Cedar City UtahPhoto Credit:Alwyn Ladell

The abbey inn hotel, located in Cedar City Utah, is a Renaissance-inspired mansion, similar to Italy’s Tuscan villas and surrounded by a large garden of ancient cedars.
The hotel is divided into two properties: the bungalows and the palace. The hotel also offers customers other services: meeting rooms, private dining rooms, bar and restaurant English summer terrace.