Guide to Gemstone Jewelry Buying

Black Tahiti Pearl Diamond RingPhoto Credit: Pearl Hours

There are many different beautiful gemstones that can be found all over the earth and they are mainly mined, polished and used for jewelry settings. Gemstone jewelry is actually one of the most popular choices of both men and women because it provides a myriad of wonderful style and color combination. These are some of the things learned while looking at diamond rings St George a few weeks ago with my girlfriend.

Though gemstone jewelries are highly popular for their beauty and elegance, some people opt to wear them because of the perceived therapeutic healing capabilities. In order to help you through the process of gemstone purchasing, I have compiled a gemstone jewelry buying guide.

Gemstones’ Healing Properties

It has been established that gemstones are not for display alone, they have properties that make them useful for treating some illnesses. Most gemstones are in therapy, where the healing method employs the distinctive properties intrinsic in each gemstone to help focus the healing powers of the body. People from centuries ago have used gemstones to treat emotional maladies, chronic illnesses and mental complaints.

Here is a list of gemstones and the healing properties perceived that they have:

·       Diamond is the hardest natural element on earth and it is also known as the master healer among all gemstones. According to lore diamond is a particularly powerful stone, and it works by removing blockages and all negative emotions.

·       Amethyst, the purple semi-precious gemstone is popular as a spiritual stone and is commonly used for medication and general healing. There are people who put amethyst stone under their pillows at night to inspire good and positive dreams.

·       Emerald, the bright green and beautiful precious gemstone is said to have the ability to help improve a person’s memory and intellect. Additionally, emerald is reported to have other healing abilities like; promoting beeper sleeping habits thus relieving insomnia, and acting as an emotional balancer that assists in releasing of emotionally based distress and trauma.

·       Sapphire is known as the devotional stone. It provides calming effect for people suffering from constant nervousness. Sapphire is considered too as the gemstone for love and friendship, and it effectively attracts good vibes. Wearing sapphire is believed to help enhance one’s faith, belief, peace of mind and imagination.

·       Ruby, that deep red beauty is a transparent gemstone believed by many people as instrumental in increasing energy levels as well as divinity. Additionally, ruby is said to alleviate anxiety, lifts the spirits and enhances a person’s confidence, courage, energy, intuition and spiritual wisdom.

Gemstone Jewelry Buying Guide in Choosing between Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

What makes a stone precious? It is the rarity that distinguishes precious from semi-precious tones. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are rare stones therefore considered as precious. The rest therefore are semi precious stones.

When purchasing gemstones, it is therefore important to decide if you want to own a jewelry piece incorporated with precious or semi precious stone. At the end of the day, the difference will not be only with they type of stone you have but also the amount you have paid.

If you are not sure about certain things, do not be shy to ask. It is better to have the knowledge than go home with a purchase that you will regret later.