How to Avoid Travel Sickness

Travel sickness is very common especially for kids, but there are also adults who suffer from such conditions due to certain circumstances. Usually if you are not well there is a big tendency that you will get sicker if you travel. That is why it is recommended to stay home when you are sick. I had to experience this when I had a St George hotel room, where the travel sickness overtook me.

sandstone rain puddlePhoto Credit: Raymond Shobe

Eating heavy meals before a flight, train ride or a long road trip can also cause motion sickness. In order to prevent this, it is better if you can consume only small amounts of food prior to your departure. Dry crackers are good especially if you really get sick during any kind of traveling.

In scientific explanation, travel sickness happens when there are rhythmic small movements which confuse the brain. The brain will find it hard to decipher the mixed messages. During this brain confusion stage, the eyes tell one thing regarding the body’s position, while the inner part of the ear is saying something else. This situation results in nausea, which might cause heavy sweating and vomiting.

During traveling, it is actually not just motion that always triggers the sickness. Sometimes certain smells or fragrances make people sick; there are people who can’t stand the smell of petrol.

The following are some tips on how to avoid travel sickness in different circumstances:

Road Trip

For long road trips and you have children traveling with you, it is best if you can keep them occupied during the drive in order to keep their minds off from being dizzy. Also you have to make sure that the vehicle is well-ventilated.

Avoid (if possible) repeated acceleration and slowing down; these will be recurring motions that can trigger the dizziness. It is also advisable to take regular stops to get some fresh air during long car journeys.

Sea Traveling

During sea traveling a lot of people really do get sick, especially when the sea is not calm. It is always good to get as much fresh air as you can and to stay away from the smells of galley foods and fuel fumes.

It is better if you can just sit tight or lie down and try to get some sleep. But if this is impossible and you want to go on deck, just try not to watch the waves and focus more on something that is not moving or the horizon.

Plane Ride

If you get sick during plane rides, it is best if you can ask for a seat over the wing, which is the most stable part of the plane during flights. Be sure to tilt your seat back for comfort and rest you head on the headrest and try to close your eyes. Listen to some music to take your mind off feeling sick. Do not look out the window and try not to look around the plane so much.

Here are some general tips on how to avoid travel sickness:

·       Do not take alcohol and heavy meals prior to departure

·       Always try to keep still and close your eyes

·       Take anti-sickness medications an hour before you go

If you know that you or someone who is going with you is going to be sick on your journey, it is best if you can take the heed some of the given recommendations. Motion sickness is preventable, but it is always better to be prepared for emergencies.