Ketchikan Alaska Activities

Totem PolesPhoto Credit:NinaZed

Alaska is well-known for the great fishing experience it offers, but there are a lot more activities in store, most especially in Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is an Alaskan community with the largest population in the State. It is also well-known for having the world’s greatest collection of totem poles and native art, some of which can be found at Saxman Village. Totem Bright State Park in which more poles may be found and recreated the “Long House” in a forest setting, is located. Aside from that, Ketchikan is also a place with rich culture, history, and scenic places. Some of the other activities in Ketchikan that may be done are:

  • Tongass Historical Museum
  • Dolly’s House
  • Saxman Totem Park
  • Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center
  • Art and Craft Galleries and Shop

The Arts

Everyone in Ketchikan helps in continuously honing and improving the arts by humbly sharing creative processes, designs, as well as accomplishments with each other. The world’s top crafters also reside here, adding to Ketchikan’s rich burgeoning arts scene. This is among the many aspects in which we can be proud of.

 Venues, exhibits, and productions shine proudly with a local flare such as the Wearable Art Show during February, wherein anyone with a great fashion sense can parade their work along the runway. Ketchikan, Alaska is also a prosperous source of top quality art in any and all forms, most especially in the aspect of visual and performing arts. Every year starts with an American musical showed by the oldest acting guild in Ketchikan, the First City Players. The Players also conduct an annual Cabaret and Jazz Festival, wherein new aspiring and incoming musicians are trained by New York City jazz professionals. The rest of the season features other kinds of themes in production features such as drama, dinner theater, children’s production, and comedies.

 There is also the 30-year-existing Ketchikan Theater Ballet which train dancers in the classical technique and contemporary style. Over two hundred students and two major dance shows each year, the K.T.B. is Ketchikan’s premiere dance school. The Ketchikan Community Band keeps local amateur events flowing, with year round concerts. On the other hand, The Gigglefeet Dance Festival features local dancers and dance choreographers. Big audiences come out for dances performed in every style imaginable, from modern to traditional Alaska Native dance, to ballet and beyond. With over fifty years of experience, Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council takes care of all activities related to the arts such as the aforementioned. It is the connection of all the year-round arts and humanities event, such as the Blueberry Arts Festival held annually during August.

 Ketchikan is a fantastic outlet for both professional and amateur artists, being an area that has been enriched by various cultures for years. It takes take pride in the quality and quantity of art festivals and productions there is to offer. Whatever you are looking for in the arts, Ketchikan has everything. Interested in other activities?