Springdale Utah, Your Zion Park Lodging Solution.

Deep in the South-eastern part of Utah, around the borders of Zion National Park lies Springdale, a small community which originally depended on agricultural activities. However, they have managed to successfully evolved with time, and providing recreational and lodging facilities to the thousands of tourists and visitors who anchor in their town when on a recreational trip to one of the many recreational sites in Southern Utah. Nowadays however, Springdale has developed from being a main lodging camp for the tourists who visit Utah, to being a tourist attraction in itself. Though Springdale town has been tweaked to suite the requirements of the today’s visitors to it, the “small town” scenario and cultures created by the ancestors who lived there in the 1800s is still very much preserved and clearly visible, which gives Springdale town an exceptional and welcoming environment filled with excitement, comfort and warmth. So this is a great place if you need a group hotel rates for your company or business.

Kolob CanyonsPhoto Credit: Isaac Borrego

Springdale is safely enclosed by the mountain-like cliffs of Zion National Park and this location coupled with hospitable facilities offered to the visitors of the park has earned Springdale the title of the Gate of Zion National Park. Springdale town hosts some of Utah’s best lodging and recreational facilities around the Zion National park. It has a series of hotels, motels, restaurants, and bed and breakfast facilities. At Springdale, it is possible to rent all the gear needed for your hiking, camping, and biking expedition into Zion National Park.

Springdale town is always glowing with a variety of fun activities and festivals that seems never to burnout. A visit to Springdale at any time of the year is more of a guaranteed ticket to a fun park filled with intriguing adventures and bright festivities. Some of the interesting festivals you can catch at Springdale include the famous Zion Flute and Drum Festival, where you can encounter some of the world’s best native-style flute makers and artist who canonize the occasion by bringing along their magical flutes for you to try out and buy. The Flute and Drum Festival is an opportunity to enjoy beautiful pieces of melody from a variety of talented artists within the confines of a beautiful natural environment, in the OC Tanner amphitheatre. Independence day, 4th of July brings with it a colourful scenario which begins with a pancake breakfast and a host of other fun community activities. Watch out for the spectacular annual Elvis Extravaganza which draws people from far and near into the Springdale community town hall, to have an enjoyable moment with Elvis, in the company of good music.

It is also possible to enjoy exciting horseback riding trips, ATV riding and Jeep tours in Springdale. You can venture into the canyons of Zion National Park either on horse back with an ATV, through challenging terrains while at the same time enjoying the cold breeze on your face as you speed though the beautiful environment in and around Springdale. The Jeep tours offer a brilliant and less tiring adventure in and around Springdale, with the opportunity to study the history of the town. There is always something interesting for adults and kids alike in Springdale town, with beautiful lodging facilities for visitors who come to visit.