Tips for Eco Travelers

Tourism is an irrevocable life style. But there are many ways to do so as travelers set off, of course. Getting around the world is a philosophy of life that beyond knowing or cute photogenic sites, is a way to learn. Others, with others. But there’s more. Tourism is also a way of relating to the Metro. If they choose to be sustainable named, here are some tips. Not wear your footprint.
Week 8/52 - Eco TravelPhoto Credit: P Lawrence
1 – Do not waste paper

The community organized meticulously planned trip. Read about the places where they plan to go, scoring destinations or produce directories to distribute their journeys, their views or expectations. If you cannot do without the lists, do not worry, there are several alternatives to be organized without printing. You can save your Word or Excel files on your computer; tablet or phone goes with you (mostly because we travel with one of these devices). In addition, there are some applications that you provide a perfect organization and even alert you so you do not forget.

Taking notes

Evernote. This application (of which I am unconditional) is ideal for capturing Internet articles, entire pages or just to be writing down ideas. The can install on your computer and the Smartphone to have synchronized your notes.

Astrid. This is another task manager. Available for PC and phone is great for the forgetful.

Wunderlist. It is another service available with which to develop task lists grouped by category and can also be synchronized between all devices.

So if you want to be organized does not need to spend paper. And if you cannot connect not get bogged down and improvise. Spontaneity traveling often generates situations, experiences and unforgettable encounters.

Oh, and whenever possible (is increasingly widespread) buy an electronic ticket. Almost all airlines, trains and buses allow you this option.

Evernote mobile

2 – Solar Chargers

If we use electronics in our travels we make responsible use of them. In addition to turn them off when we do not use, we can use portable solar chargers to recharge our batteries. Its size and weight makes them easy to transport and only need daylight to work.

3 – Lightweight Luggage

No need to take your wardrobe with you. Besides practical eco know. You carry a light backpack will make the trip more comfortable and reduce fuel consumption. Remember, more weight, more consumption.
In Hanhn Airport with 10 kg Weight

In Hanhn Airport with 10 kg Weight

4 – Green Apps

If you are a traveler stuck to a Smartphone you can use it with awareness. More and more eco applications that help us to have sustainable behavior. Also if you are traveling. We show some.

Green Globe. Only for IPhone or iPod, this application allows you to discover all the options for an eco trip. With it, you can find places and alternatives with environmental commitment. You can find eco accommodation, conference venues, attractions and even cruises. All members are certified by Green Globe rigorous criteria and checked by specialists. This application is free to download.

Green Travel Choice. It is just another application for Iphone, Ipad and IPod Touch thanks to a GPS system helps you to choose transportation that emit little CO2. Marking your place of departure and the destination you are heading, this app tells you which is the best environmental option in order to reduce carbon footprint. If you care about how much carbon dioxide you eat when you travel, this app is for you. It is available in Apple store for $ 1.99.

Greenie. Also for Apple devices is an interesting application for the latest news about technology and ecological applications. It costs $ 0.99.

Green Power Battery Saver is a simple Android application that works automatically as soon as you set. Save battery from the start. Intelligently managed Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth connections and screen brightness. The off when you do not use them and on when needed.

Carbon Calculator: Now you can easily calculate how much you pollute in each of your trips, with this carbon footprint calculator. For Android

Where Recycling is an assistant search. Available for Android, this application allows you to find the nearest recycling point. It also helps to clean spots and discover the appropriate locations for the recycling of batteries or clothing. It is also noteworthy that allows report through localized photographs.

GuiaReciclaje is ideal for those who doubt where to place recycling container for application. As its name suggests is a complete guide to clearly differentiate which waste is placed and in which containers. It is available for Android and IOS.
Travel Choice

Travel Choice

5 – Echo Transportation

For destinations, the plane is the only alternative. In other cases, there are much more sustainable options. Whenever you can, walk. It is the greenest option is the best way to discover a place you do not know. It is also very healthy for the mind and body.

Walking Heilderberg

If you love cycling, more and more cities in the world which have utility bikes that can be accessed easily and at minimal cost.

Cycling in Nuremberg

If you prefer to move engine before calling a cab climb to urban transport. And to travel between towns you can hitchhike to encourage carpooling or practice. There are numerous websites providing this service carpool proposed to move within cities, including nearby towns and even long trips. This alternative that is becoming more popular, cheaper movement and reduces carbon footprint.

Tram in Munich

7. Sustainable accommodation

If your stop is in nature and do not think about camping. Sleep outdoors allows you to contact with the environment that you will not find anywhere else, besides being a very economical option. For those who do not want to rest at ground there couchsurfing interesting alternative, i.e., sleeping in the homes of others who lend you their couch. You must register on the official website, answer a questionnaire and find a host you staying (it’s completely free). There is no better way to discover a place sharing the life of the locals.

But if you’re jealous of your privacy and you are not sleeping in a strange house, more and more ecofriendly accommodation to minimize environmental impact. For example, in the page you will find a complete guide to the eco accommodation worldwide.

And for those who want to work to afford housing, the possibility of passing the farm stay and work 4 or 5 hours a day in exchange for room and board. and are the most popular pages where farmers can contact requiring labor. There is a comprehensive directory for countries worldwide. This is a very interesting time to be in touch with nature as scarce budget alternative.


8 – . Responsible Consumption

Eat only what you need and in a responsible manner. Try to buy food from local producers. Stroll through the markets and buy fresh and seasonal foods. You will eat more rich and healthy, and avoid the wrappers. Taste the dishes of people’s views. Besides being an extraordinary way to delve into the popular culture, you will taste delicious delicacies and give the local economy.
Fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables

Market in Matera (Italy)

9 – . Tatúate 3Rs

The three R should be a mantra for travelers. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.

Recycle: We’ve already discussed some applications that will help you find the right places for recycling. If you do not have this tool is to be observant and ask the locals. They will tell you where and how.

Reuse: Avoid disposable products. Reuse bags or bring along a cloth, no space or weigh, and avoid using plastic bags. Choose rechargeable batteries. Try not to use plastic containers and if necessary, wash them and give them a new use.

Reduce. You have to minimize power consumption. Do not light up unless absolutely necessary. Turn it off when you leave. In places where you are, monitors water consumption; choose shower instead of bath and do not stretch out over the account. Five minutes is enough. Staying at a hotel is not essential to remember that you wash the towels daily. Do not turn the air conditioning system when you need it, remember that the temperature should not drop below 24 º. The same with the heating in winter and not more than 22 º. If you’re into nature adapt the rhythm of the sun and if you need your light are LED flashlights, consumption is much lower.

3R in Infinity Eco hotel in BsAs

10. Do not let footprint

In cities have places to dispose of waste and even to practice recycling. When you are in nature not leave marks when you leave a place leave it as you found them. Take all waste, which are not yours, too. Do not make any withdrawals (animals, plants, fossils, minerals, etc.), Remember that you are not souvenirs. If you remember, take pictures. If you go cycling or hiking paths and respects the specific indications for each. Heed the signs of the place. They have their reason for being. Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans.

Without a Trace

Traveler in DNA is the love for the planet. We cannot watch him. The common house we share is everyone’s responsibility.

You bought your ticket and you’re list @ to leave home and embark on a new adventure in a destination, or very little known, but it certainly will in you new experiences. From the moment you leave home, your journey begins and the least we expect is that everything goes great! So we cannot let you go without first read these tips to help you survive the wait at the airport and provided endless for many flight hours. Ready, set … Suitcases above and Happy Travels!

Having something to do

It may seem silly, but if you have something to occupy the time you’ll be bored to tears and you can only think about what is being done throughout the trip or how you can achieve world peace. Be sure to bring entertainment and more if you go on a journey of many hours! Do not forget your laptop, books, video games, music or whatever you better work, the important thing is to keep busy. During the journey, forget about the time and if you can hide the clock so do not get impatient. Take advantage of free time or fail to advance any assignment either academic or work, not only will make the trip much shorter but go ahead and take advantage of your obligations.

Take warm clothes

Bring some extra warm clothes in your hand luggage. On short flights within the country, air conditioning is usually not as strong but sometimes in long distance travel, spends a little with the air conditioning and not enough with the blanket you get, if you have the details. So do not let the destination, grab the jacket comes to you better and not let go forgotten in the seat on landing.

Also, do not forget to wear comfortable clothing at all times. There are people that wear tight clothes, like jeans, suffering in your journey because you swollen legs and then want to rip her clothes on the spot. So to avoid that flourish stripper in you in the middle of a flight, traveling with loose, comfortable clothing and help you stay warm. Airports are not fashion shows and traveling convenient!

It may seem the most ill-mannered, but for long trips, more than a right becomes an obligation. It is much more comfortable barefoot on a long journey and you sleep better. Do not forget to bring some extra socks in your handbag in case you get cold feet or if I really do not give you much notice that you have the feet in the air, wearing comfortable shoes and leave the rubber heels for when you get your destiny.


It may seem strange, but many people before getting on the plane to begin stretching and exercise. Think for a moment: Sitting for long hours in such a narrow chair is hard and perhaps the back and legs are the most affected.


To avoid this, you’re not going to ask you to start jogging before you get on the plane or you head a yoga session in the same, but arise from time to time, do stretches and moves the body. You will notice the difference the next day.

Treat yourself to choose hallway, windows or doors emergency

This decision is now down to personal taste. Some people prefer the aisle because it gives less “claustrophobic” feeling and for those with long legs becomes more bearable because you can draw some legs. One of the advantages of being in hall is that you can go for a walk, or stretching to the bathroom when the hell you want without having to run over your fellow travelers. The disadvantage is that during the trip sitting inside pestered occasionally to ask permission to leave. If you are patient and understand that at one time can be the one to do it, this will not mean a problem.

If you do long trips , avoid near the toilet seat because, although you will be close to them when you want to use , these are the busiest in the plane and when finally you achieve sleep places , someone will and will wake you up .

The best seats are undoubtedly located next to the emergency doors, formerly nobody wanted to sit in them because it is scary to be next to a door on a plane without the cast that make you read the responsibilities attributed by you sitting there, but over time people have come to realize that it is one of the most comfortable places to be traveling a lot more space and you do not have to hasten armchairs. So the next time you travel, go ahead and ask if they have available seats emergency, unless you travel with children or seniors, where the crew will re- assign other positions. On the other hand, another star of seats is near the windows because it allows you to enjoy the scenery and rest your head if you want to sleep.


Drink plenty of water. The AC, small changes in pressure, temperature changes, jet lag, among others, sometimes make us forget hydrate.

You fall asleep for hours and then you wake atontadísimo, parched and even more tired than before sleep. Some airlines do not allow liquids up the plane, if so and you are thirsty, water hostess asks if you attend will definitely haunted.

Eat what you fancy

Whether you travel by the country or you decide you expand your horizons, some airlines usually have detail include some kind of snack or full meal that fall beautifully. Most however, are usually very small portions or as your destination, the food may be related to the influences of the city. So if you decide to travel to Asia and do not like spicy food, do not forget to take some cold treats or snacks that you can keep in your handbag and eat more when you want. Avoid taking foods with strong odors or else have some mates furious at the smell or very eager to try what you eat travels.

Enjoy airports

Excited Shopping Woman’s important to stop seeing airports as a place of transit boring as all have their charm. Today you can find stores that were previously limited to being in big malls. So enjoy your time on them, tomato something, read a magazine, or forward purchase some gift you’ve forgotten and do not forget to have fun. It is possible! – About

An adventure called Bath.

Before boarding the plane do not forget to go to the bathroom every time your body will be required as on airplanes, so can be a real challenge. The airplane bathroom is usually small and with a highly dubious comfort and after several hours of flight may give off unpleasant odors. If you get seasick easily, ask someone to accompany you and stay tuned for you during your stay in the service and do not forget to use all the grips that have the bathroom in case of turbulence. Careful where you stick your hand!