Tips for a Safe ATV Snow Riding

The winter season is never a hindrance to get out of the snow and enjoy. ATV riding is one of the best activities to enjoy the snow but before you take off, it is important o learn the basic rules for a safe ATV snow riding. These are some tips that were taught to us during our stay in Zion Canyon, when we did some snow riding with an ATV tour in Utah.

Keep Up with the Basic Safety Policies

  • Regardless of the weather condition, it is crucial to always wear a helmet and other suitable safety and protective gears.
  • For an overnight escapade, it is important to always bring alongside necessary survival items or safety kit.
  • Always check your ATV before heading out especially when you bought a used vehicle and you are about to ride it for the first encounter.
  • Get acquainted with your local and state laws and always obey them.

Lo Riding ATV
Photo Credit: B A Bowen Photography

Your Safety Starts at Ownership

If you love the snow for your ultimate ATV riding, make sure that the vehicle you bought is snow ready. If you wanted to purchase a used or second hand four wheeler all terrain vehicle, be cautious to know how the previous owner have handled the vehicle. Keep everything in good condition from battery life to traction and wind protection. Tire is often one of the overlooked parts in purchasing an ATV. Make sure that there is still enough thread left on the tires to ensure that you get the traction you need while cruising the snow.

Preparations for the First Ride

There is a need to make preparations before your first ride out in the snow. The following areas listed below are some of the aspects that should be taken careful attention:

  • Check for battery. One of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle gets going with uninterrupted performance is to charge the battery. People in the northern areas appreciate the necessity of a warmed and freshly charged battery. It is a difficult situation especially when your ATV stopped in the middle of nowhere. Thus, it is important that keep your ATV garaged and its battery always charged. Also, you need to test if the battery charges before taking off. A trickle charger is also necessary to slowly charge your battery basically in colder nights. When the temperature reaches to sub zero, keep your battery always charged.
  • Fluid Levels. Always inspect that all fluids have been filled up before going out to enjoy your ATV snow riding. Fluids like water, oil, gas, antifreeze, etc are very essential to ensure that your vehicle gets going smoothly. If any of these fluids gets low will cause the engine to fail and your vehicle might stop running leaving you behind in the middle of the snow. Always inspect your coolant if it gets the right amount of antifreeze. To guarantee a balanced antifreeze mix, there are available antifreeze kits in the market.
  • Wind Protection. Heavy winds are likely to be one of the intervening factors in enjoying your ATV riding in the snow. When the temperature drops to almost zero, one who is exposed outside will basically suffer from frostbite. You must have proper protection from the risk of high winds such as windshields, handle bar or gauntlet to secure your hands from extreme cold.
  • Tire Traction. ATV tires should be properly equipped to ensure that it can stand heavy snow and ice. Before going out, make sure that your tires are snow ready and if possible, provide tire chains to increase traction. Tire chains are also helpful specifically in plowing snow you’re your ATV. Another thing is to make sure that your tires are inflated accurately because compared to other vehicles, your ATV takes much higher pounding. There are better options of tire chains which you can buy either online or in local shops.

It is always necessary to read your ATV’s user manual before you deploy outside for a real ride. However, boring in detail, you may never sure the peculiarity of ATV especially those purchased on second hand basis.

Enjoying the Snow Outside 

  • If probable you don’t want to get stuck alone in the middle of the cold, thus, on bring along with a buddy during your first ride.
  • Be careful not to weigh yourself with too much heaviness. This will cause the snow to turn into ice under your tires that might cause you to get stuck.
  • Your trail on summer is never the same to navigate during the winter. Before you decide for a ride outside, make familiar with the route. Of course, you don’t want to get lost in the trail of snowy fields.

Snow is never a reason to enjoy your ATV riding as in much fun in the dirt. Follow the basic rules and get prepared for much excitement.