Traveling Alone! What’s on your Mind?

Traveling alone is an exciting thing to do. Though it is not for everybody, it can also be a good change of path for different types of people. Usually, when we think of solo travelers, we think of them as the adventurous ones; those that like to be challenged.  Therefore if you are a shy person you may not think of going solo. But if you aren’t then keep reading, as I just got back from a solo trip at a hotel in St George Utah where I had a blast.

View from the hills near my parents' home in UtahPhoto Credit: Raymond Shobe

Solo travelling though is not for the gregarious people alone, even if you are not the outdoorsy type, you can still enjoy a solo trip once in awhile. All you need is a little confidence and some brains to be able to embark on a trip on your own.

You can actually travel alone in silent if all you want is a little relaxation and you can also be socially active while on your tour if you want to meet new people and experience some new adventures.

For Silent Solo Travelers

Pick place where solitude is highly respected. Relaxation vacations simply mean that you have no intention of spending a lot of time wandering to and fro with a map and a dictionary. It is therefore recommended to stay at an all-inclusive hotel. You can also pick a beach resort if all you want to do is to just bask in the sun with a good book and a nice cold drink. There are also hotels that offer all the relaxation treats that you need. You can book for a complete spa and massage treatment and come home extremely rejuvenated. These kinds of vacations are ideal for solo travelers because there is nothing better than being your own company if you want to be stress-free.

In case you want to go out of your hotel room and see some sights, it is best if you can go to places where you are not very likely to be disturbed. Go to museums, parks and galleries. If you have to go with a group during a tour, and you do not to be interactive, then simply smile when someone tries to talk to you and do not encourage long conversation by simply not chatting back.

For More Adventurous Solo Travelers

If you are in an adventurous mood, then you will require a little more planning than picking up a hotel accommodation and booking for group tours. What you need is to find a destination that offers everything from great nightlife, to exciting activities, and thrilling adventures.

A solo traveler who wants to be socially active during his/her vacation is one who should be open to new possibilities. To start with, you have to know the kinds of activities you can do at a specific destination therefore you can also pick what’s best for you. Or you can also simply roam around the new place and see what fate will bring to you.

Going solo is also a good time for exploration. The beauty of having no company is that all the things you will see will have their own meanings to you. Your discoveries will be all your own, your conclusions will not be tampered by another person’s opinion. In other words, you see, you enjoy, you fail and you succeed on your own.